Discoveries International - Testimonials

Our friends, clients and customers have been with us for many years. This is what a few of them have to say about Elizabeth Watson and Discoveries International.

"Liz is a blessed, visionary, courageous lady, and wants to do some more business innovation. She is inspired with great scientist and spiritual personalities."
Younas Aamir

"Liz has to be the most energetic, positive-thinking and dynamic person I have ever met. You can't help but be dazzled by her energy and trust me, it does rub off and I certainly gained from our working relationship."
Graham Arnott

"What a fabulous lady Liz is - I guarantee you'll warm to her in an instant, as she is so warm and friendly. We've have only connected recently, but I already feel like I've known her for a very long time. She is truly remarkable."
Tracy Hollowood

"When you look in the dictionary for the words tenacity and persistence you see Liz Watson in BOLD. The woman is a human dynamo.
Aadil Butt

"Liz is a source of great inspiration for me. I am moved by her ideas and am always available to do what ever I can in my capacity for her noble cause."
Tariq Fayyaz

"An interesting and unusual new addition to the BlackStar family finding her way. Liz has been involved in some rather different businesses and stories in her time. They are worth listening too and seeing the connections she has."
Thomas Power

"Liz is a great networker and connector! I will be very happy to meet her in one blackstar meetings and offer some of my products! Like me she thinks that networking is about farming not hunting! A contact that you cant miss!"
Victor Marques

"I so enjoy Liz's messages - chat with her is easy and always 'goes somewhere' (not aimless). And it's a pleasure - and rather levelling - to have a repeat-read through her profile every now and then. Great to have you in my network Liz"
Lynda Cookson

"Hi Liz, This Vikas here from INDIA, I know you are a great networker and connector! I will be very happy to meet you on skype and offer you some of my Health related patented products of new technology! which can be consumed in each an every family Worldwide."
Vikas C

"It would be crazy not to connect with Liz, with her incredible energy and totally positive outlook, gained from her own life changing experiences! You'll surely get a great buzz from making the connection as I have!"
Mark Lythgoe

"Liz is a very pro-active and generous networker so do connect with her if you can".

Roland Bullivant

"Liz brings forth an insight and understanding, yet a massive support role to others whilst they are going through their 'stuff'. She has the gift of seeing the big picture quickly on a situation and lasers comments to shore up and gives nuggets to ponder. Liz is solid in her friendship, holds true to her word and will stand by you. I welcome Liz as a new friend, confident and look forward to building a foundational relationship over the coming months".
Kate Sanguine

"Liz Watson is a nice great person. I am happy to be her friend".
Lingaraj R

"There is no doubt that Liz is one of those amazing people who will truly make a difference in this world; she has the energy, drive and motivation that it takes to really do it. I really admire you - well done".

Natalie Dee

"You are simply amazing, Liz... one can never get enough of you... Please let me know how I can be of help to you. And let´s meet up next time we are both in London... you are awesome!"
Patricia Tolivar

"I just connected with Liz, and within a matter of days she has provided me with new direction, added energy, and real value. Liz, thank you for making the effort and I look forward to learning more from you".

Linda Primos

"Dear Liz, You are an interesting person, an ocean of knowledge and experience that anybody can benefit by communicating with you. I can count on you as a friend and a trusted partner in networking. Good luck to you and your work! "
Dr S M Satheesan

"Liz is a great networker and powerful source of information. Its beneficial for everyone to connect with her."

Ravi D