interior design qatarThe LINLEY collection of fine furniture and accessories is one of the beautiful top end contemporary collections which I am delighted and honoured to be promoting exclusively in the Gulf States. It is a treat for the eyes! The latest catalogues show the complete collection, which can be made available for any pro-active designers and specifiers who want the absolute best. These pictures will give some indication of the exquisite quality involved in these pieces - each one a work of art, made with precision, beauty, fine craftsmanship and elegance - in contemporary designs.

These fine pieces of furniture and accessories sell to the top echelons of Society across the world, for the discerning clientele who want the very finest quality that money can buy. Linley set his business up in the same year as I did, in 1985, and he now has 3 showrooms in London - at Mayfair, Burlington Arcade, Belgravia, and is also in Harrods. All Linley designs exude a hallmark of distinction, of a standard and quality that you will never forget and rarely come across. It is quintessentially English.

The range is very popular in South of France and Monaco, and sells especially well for use in yachts, palaces, five and six star hotels, and fine residences.

Discoveries International Limited is very proud to be offering this range, to show you "the best of British" that we can offer!

Owners of this furniture will never be disappointed.

Please email me with any orders or project enquiries that you may have, or where you may be seriously considering making an investment in craftsmanship of this highest calibre.

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