Epiphany Scarves

interior design qatarEpiphany Angels has developed a range of exclusive and exquisite silk scarves using a collection of evocative images that stir the imagination.

Epiphany scarves are printed on the highest quality Silk Crêpe de Chine, Silk Chiffon, Satin Chiffon and Silk Twill, bringing harmony, sensuality and colour to you.

The silk scarf designs promote a sense of well-being, as though guardian angels have embraced you in their aura to protect and guide you.

Honouring whatever beliefs you hold, when you open the gorgeous Epiphany Angels silk scarf box, open your heart and allow the magic and love in the scarf to light up your life and the lives of the ones you love.

Richard Rockwood and David Watson, a dynamic design team have set up Epiphany Angels to bring a catalogue of beautiful iconic love and light angel images and illustrations to promote inspiration, harmony and well-being appealing to the stylish, sophisticated and fashion-concious woman.

Three things requisite for beauty are integrity, a wholeness, symmetry and radiance.’ Thomas Aquinas – philosopher and theologian.

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