Bennett Silks

soft furnishings qatarWith over 100 years of experience Bennett Silks is the UK's leading wholesaler and convertor of silk fabrics. The company was founded in 1904 by William Henry Bennett in Manchester, the heart of Britain's Textile Industry. Having started out as an agent for many types of fabrics, primarily for the clothing industry, the company rapidly expanded and decided to deal only in top quality fabrics, of which silk was the obvious choice. Thus William Henry Bennett became one of the twentieth centuries first Englishman to establish trade links with the Chinese Silk Fabrics Industry, links which are still strong today.

In the year 2001 Bennett Silks aquired the French company Henri Portier, a well known and respected name synominous with luxurious silks. This has led to a significant increase in the European influence in the Bennett Silks range with the addition of many more fine quality silks and unique patented conversion techniques.

All the collections are backed up by large stocks held in our Stockport warehouse together with a quick and efficient stock cutting service. We also offer a bespoke dying and printing service where we can dye or print your own exclusive colours or designs.

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