The History of Liz Watson and Discoveries International

liz watson bournemouthDoing good business is all about contacts. You need to know the right people and to be in the right place at the right time. Allow Discoveries International to help build and develop your export potential, through a productive partnership and making the right introductions for you.

Discoveries International was incorporated in July 1985, and has been promoting British exports to the Middle East ever since, particularly soft furnishings and interior design products. Discoveries International has built up a reputation for sourcing productive business partnerships and helping companies to tailor their products or services to meet the specifications and demands of the Middle East Market, particularly Qatar which is now officially the wealthiest economy in the world.

Discoveries International's Managing Director, Elizabeth Watson, is an enthusiastic and innovative person with good leadership skills, creative thinking and an artistic personality. Liz spent about fifteen years in the Middle East and Gulf States in particular, and knows the Market and culture like 'second nature'. She set up her business after achieving 15 years working in the interior design trade, and took the initiative to pioneer a new road for several companies who had never even thought about exporting to the Middle East before. Elizabeth has supplied local businesses and private contractors, as well as fulfilled orders for the Palaces and the Royal family in Muscat and Oman, amongst others.

In Qatar and many other Gulf States, you will need a local business partner who will own 51% share of the company and in return will help you to launch your business successfully in this exciting Marketplace which has a huge growth curve. Allow Discoveries International to find you the best outlets to sell your ranges in, or to link you up with the most suitable contacts for what you have to offer, and to provide you with the feedback you need to unlock your company's export potential. Or even just to take things to the next level.

Don't miss the growth wave that is starting now, make sure you become a part of it and catch the upward trend. Discoveries International has had many successful sole distributorships with UK Companies and can negotiate terms and conditions which will allow a win-win scenario for all parties. The Marketplace in Qatar has its doors wide open for you, along with many other Gulf States as well. Contact Discoveries International today to tell us what you can offer this flourishing Market.

Early Years

Elizabeth Watson started Discoveries International Ltd in 1985 and prior to her more recent achievements she has been activate and successful in the UK and Gulf states for many years. Here are just a few examples of her early work that lead her on a path to where she is now.

Young Discoveries

soft furnishings gulf statesElizabeth previously ran ‘Young Discoveries’ and ‘Animal Images’ – a children’s furniture manufacturing business that received wide-spread success. The furniture was the very best in quality and design and was made by hand in the UK.

Such was the success of Young Discoveries that many leading, national publications and outlets featured the products and gave excellent reviews.

Another goodie for children” – ‘Retail Therapy’ in The Independent
Panda to your child” – Perfect Home
Turn your nursery into a jungle” – Woman’s Own
It fills the gap between the prohibitively expensive one-off items and the frequently uninspiring, mass produced chairs” – Nursery & Creche Industry
It goes without saying the children will love it!” – Bella
Bring some animal magic into your child’s room” – Homeflair

Young Discoveries and Animal Images went on to become one of the best loved Children’s furniture businesses in the UK. You can see examples of Elizabeth's work with Young Discoveries and publicity by clicking the images below:

interior design Qatarinterior design Qatarinterior design Qatarinterior design Qatar

Interior Design and the Gulf States

In the early 1980’s Elizabeth Watson (then formerly Wilton) was an aspiring Designer who wanted desperately to work in the colour and design industry. Not being a woman who lets her dreams fade away, Liz decided to make it happen.

Elizabeth first began working in PR for well known designers such as Tallow & Lake followed by a company producing Chinese Silk wall coverings before starting her own business Discoveries International Ltd.

The company quickly grew and Elizabeth soon found herself expanding at a rapid pace, providing Interior Design and furnishings to banks, hotels and private individuals across the UK. After a trade mission to the Middle East she decided that Export and representation of quality UK furnishings, fabrics and Interior Design was a market as yet untapped in the Middle East. Not one to miss an opportunity, Elizabeth new that she was the woman to bring the unrivalled quality of the UK designing and furnishings industry to the Gulf.

The rest, as they say, is history. Liz went on to spend many years in the Gulf building the name of Discoveries International into the high quality reputation it now holds. On her journey she featured in several publications in the UK and in the Gulf, including Business and Assets and The Khaleej Times.

You can see examples of her early work and publicity by clicking the images below:

interior design Qatarinterior design Qatarinterior design Qatarinterior design Qatar